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Isogam Saman Delijan Company, as one of the pioneers of Iranian insulation industry, was established in 1998 and started in 1999. The company currently has a capacity of 10 million square meters of water and polymer insulation annually, employing experienced staff and innovative methods, making it one of the top commercial brands in the production of various types of moisture insulating materials. Is. Using ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system as well as Iran's national standard, the company has created a dynamic and healthy environment that improves system performance continuously. Organized by Delijan, it is well known not only in domestic markets, but also in high export capacity, and its products are widely sold in the Middle East and Central Asian markets.


By understanding the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and fulfilling them, Izogam Saman Delijan Company, in order to satisfy the customers along with complying with the legal requirements, adopted the ISO 9001:2015 standard in order to design, establish and apply an effective and efficient quality management system. has done The management of the company, relying on collective wisdom, teamwork and emphasizing transparency and work health, carrying out organizational measures, adhering to values and honoring the stakeholders, has put the following axes on its agenda:
Striving for customer satisfaction as the main basis of the organization's survival
Increasing sales and profitability through exports and sales in the domestic market
Using efficient personnel by empowering them through the implementation of training courses
Trying to reduce the cost while maintaining good quality
While committing to complying with the practical requirements of the above standards and continuously improving the effectiveness of quality management systems, I call on all colleagues to be of the same mind, empathy and cooperation in order to achieve the company's high goals.

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